Hi, I'm Alyssa Rock

and I'm a technical writer

I write docs to help users learn and adopt DevOps technologies easily

What sets me apart

A decade of experience

I have created high-quality software documentation for sys admins and DevOps engineers for 10+ years. I'm best when working with UNIX-based tools and Python, but I can quickly learn anything.

Full stack DocOps

I can build and maintain doc tool systems that use cost-saving, open-source, docs-as-code tech stacks at scale. (I built this Hugo website from scratch!)

I've perfected skills beyond writing

Thanks to my years in open source, I'm also an excellent:

  • Project leader
  • UX researcher
  • Community manager
  • Copywriter


Alyssa has done so much for improving the documentation at our company. She is detail-oriented, consistent, and one of my favorite people to work with. She's passionate about lowering the barrier to entry in tech through thorough and easy-to-follow documentation, and her work shows that.

Serena Jolley
UX Designer | Broadcom

Not only is Alyssa a very good technical writer, she shows bucket loads of initiative and follow through. She thinks up high value ideas for the project and then follows through on implementing them. She enables and empowers others by helping them refine their ideas where appropriate. She shows leadership where needed. She is good at prioritizing her time, focusing her energy where she can be most impactful. She welcomes feedback and is great at accepting it (which is especially important for tech writers).

Cameron Shorter
Founder and past chair | The Good Docs Project

Alyssa is highly dependable and I would never hesitate to have her on a project with me. She does much more than most people and she is incredibly impressive in going above and beyond what her job description requires. She has the unique capability of connecting with people and driving forward toward the team goals at the same time, never sacrificing positive culture or team productivity.

Janae Andrus Cox
Community Manager | VMware

I have learned so much from Alyssa in these last two years. Aside from her technical writing skills and product knowledge, I admire her ability to connect with people at a very personal level. Alyssa's style of empathetic leadership is something I emulate as I lead my open source working groups. In an ideal world, every open-source project will have an Alyssa to support and guide new contributors.

Gayathri Krishnaswamy
Contributor | Salt Project