Alyssa Rock
Technical Writer
Alyssa Rock
Technical Writer

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Hi, I’m Alyssa

November 8, 2020 about

Welcome to my new portfolio site and blog! It’s been nearly a decade since I last kept a blog and I’m excited to keep one again.

This is going to be a professional blog that I’ll use to record thoughts I have related to technical writing, with a focus on documentation in open source projects. I hope to write posts about:

  • Book reviews with my key takeaways
  • Technical writing and community management in open source
  • Tips and tricks to solve common problems technical writers face

What this blog is not going to do:

  • Talk negatively about current or past employers and coworkers unless it’s in the context of a problem that had a happy ending or positive solution
  • Talk about divisive things such as religion or politics unless it has some broad, neutral applicability
  • Talk about my family or friends except in the most generic of ways

I hope some people will find it interesting!