Work experience


2019 - present

Technical Writer 4

Broadcom acquired VMware, Inc. in 2023, which acquired my original employer SaltStack, Inc. in 2020. They are a global technology company specializing in enterprise software for cloud and on-prem data centers. Responsibilities included:

  • Collaborated with three fast-paced development teams to produce effective end-user, open-source, and developer documentation that was always delivered on time and reduced or resolved support requests.
  • Built and maintained documentation systems that used innovative docs-as-code technologies.
  • Led an efficient, cross-functional team of product experts to create 18 high quality technical articles for customers.
  • Conducted a major user research project to understand customer and community documentation needs; used results to create user personas, optimize user journeys, and identify strategic documentation improvements.
  • Collaborated across teams to make major improvements to a product installation guide, resulting in a remarkable 32% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
  • Achieved Employee of the Month recognition for coordinating the seamless migration of 285 knowledge base articles to a cost-saving platform in one month without data loss.
  • Initiated an employee study group to promote knowledge-sharing, break down silos, and familiarize new hires with core products; averaged 25% company-wide attendance every week.


2014 - 2019

Senior Technical Writer

Wrote and edited product documentation for FlexSim, a 3D simulation software tool that was acquired by Autodesk in 2023. Responsibilities included:

  • Improved brownfield documentation created by developers to make it more user-friendly and task-oriented.
  • Created full user manual for health-care simulation software in only 2 months; received high praise from all project leaders.
  • Collaborated with professional services to design high quality training tutorials.
  • Built a new doc tooling system in HTML/CSS/JavaScript from scratch.
  • Created and socialized a company style guide.

Utah Valley University

2008 - 2014


Taught technical writing courses for developers and academic writing courses for first-year students.


2006 - 2008

Technical Writer

Created user guides and videos for more than 40 internal DevOps tools.


Master of Arts in English

University of Utah

2003 - 2005

English, American Studies with an emphasis in Film

Awarded a fellowship that involved teaching academic writing classes for two years; achieved highest rated instructor.

University of Utah stadium

Tools and skills

Percentages indicate my competencies in each domain.

Docs-as-code tool chains

Markdown, reStructured text, static site generators



Git, GitHub, GitLab


Unix systems

Linux, bash, and command-line interfaces


Tech writing content management systems

DITA, Oxygen, XML, SDL Tridion


Programming languages

Python and JavaScript


Visual design tools

Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma


Volunteer work

The Good Docs Project

2020 - present

Community manager

The Good Docs Project is an open-source project that educates and empowers developers to create high-quality documentation by providing them with free resources, best practices, and tools to enhance their documentation in open source and beyond.

  • Manage a rapidly growing open-source community of 75+ technical writers and developers dedicated to improving documentation in open source by providing high-quality templates and other guidance to open-source developers.
  • Lead a user research project to gather data from 33 technical writers and then collaborated with project stakeholders to turn the insights into the project's product roadmap.
  • Successfully co-lead a 3-month project to migrate our project from GitHub to GitLab with no data loss or interruptions to the project's work.

Write the Docs

2020 - 2023

Staff, Meetup program coordinator

Write the Docs (WTD) is a volunteer-based global community of people who care about documentation. In 2020, I created and led the WTD Quorum program, which provided quarterly online education meetups and social networking events for more than 1,000 technical writers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.