FlexSim basics

Made for FlexSim Software Products, this writing sample demonstrates my tutorial writing skills:

About this writing sample

FlexSim is a 3D simulation software program for creating current- and future-state models of business systems.

The primary goal of this tutorial is to teach users the basics of how to use FlexSim. Since this tutorial is also the first introduction users will have with the software, it has a marketing function as well.

In other words, the tutorial has to teach difficult concepts while simultaneously showing off the strengths of the software.

What I want you to notice

Documentation feature Comment
  • Gives a practical, task-oriented introduction to the product's main features.
  • Invites the customer to imagine how they could extend this model's basic feature into more complicated models.
  • Demonstrates how the product can deliver value to customers.
  • Makes the product feel easy to use.
  • The tutorial and the introduction to each step forecasts what is about to come.
  • The introductions and explanations of key concepts are clearly marked and separated from each other to avoid confusion.
Visual effectiveness
  • I designed the CSS for this in-product manual myself and I appreciate some of my graphic designs for the internal table of contents, the tip and information boxes, and the step headings.
  • Pay attention to some of the images that show the UI layout.
  • It's too bad you can't see the well-designed animated gifs in action in the PDF, but at least you can get some sense of how they work.