Coordinating major documentation projects with GitLab

Alyssa Rock — Tech writer. OSS community manager. DocOps enthusiast.
Aug 25, 2023, updated Jun 9, 2024 1 min read

The Good Docs Project crossed a major milestone in May and partnered with our first major organization: GitLab! They officially invited us to become a member of their Open Source Partners Program.

As one of our first projects together, my fellow Good Docs colleague Aaron Peters and I partnered with GitLab to write a blog entry about how we use GitLab in our release planning and management.

Here’s a highlight from the post:

The Good Docs Project recently achieved a significant milestone: releasing version v1.0.0 of our project. It was an exciting moment for our community of contributors dedicated to improving the quality of software documentation by sharing best practices — the first time we felt confident putting our production-ready documentation templates into the world for other software projects to review, use, and help us improve.

Organizing and executing a release of this magnitude requires extensive planning and sophisticated project management tools. Luckily, our community uses GitLab, so we had everything we needed at our disposal.

To read the full blog entry, go to: Coordinating major documentation projects with GitLab.